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Remembering our Graham aka Mr Keeling 1955 - 2024

Graham passed away after a short illness on 28th January.  We were lucky enough to have seen him on the previous Wednesday at our weekly lunch club.  Graham was part of our family, and we miss him.  Some of us at the centre have known Graham for over 25 years and friendships predate the Centre.  Other friendships are newer but were just as valued.

One of the great joys of Grahams life has been part of the Seedlings Drama Group.  He loved to join them in mime performances and pantomimes.  He was very proud of playing Dandeni in a production they performed at the Edinburgh fringe over 20 years ago.  The seedlings raised money for charities by performing mimes in and around Bradford and Leeds.

For the last few years Graham has been a wheelchair user and lived at Mill Lodge.  He has continued to visit our Wednesday Lunch Club so he could meet his friends old and new.  We, along with key staff at Mill Lodge, became his family.

Graham is described as a cheeky chappie; he liked to go into the computer room and write his pantomime scripts helping him to relive his memories of the seedlings and his fellow thespians.  He also enjoyed using the computer to listen to music and learn some Spanish! He loved to play cards and board games especially old maid and dominoes.  He taught many students and volunteers to play and helped to befriend new people to the centre.  He was famous for his catch phrases “measure twice, cut once” and tapping his nose and saying, “secret documents”.  He joined in litter picks, art, and gardening activities. 

We will miss him terribly but plan to remember him by making a collection to buy new games for everyone to enjoy and dedicate the games shelf with a plaque saying Graham's corner.

There will be a grave side goodbye on Wednesday 21.2.2004 at 10.30am Plot P at Scholemoor Cemetery Necropolis Rd, Bradford, BD7 2PS.

We choose to remember him playing games and been cheeky.

Goodnight God bless Graham.  Sleep well.

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