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Poets Corner

With National Poetry day in less than a month, poetry has been in the air. Friend of the centre John Heaton sent our West End Warriors WhatsApp group a poem to cheer us up;

Spring 2021

Spring has arrived so give a big cheer,

It won't be long before summer is here.

The flowers are blooming the birds do sing, if you listen very carefully you will hear the church bells ring.

So come on my friends put a smile on your face, for we live in such a wonderful place.

He encourages us all to think past this difficult time to next spring and summer when things will be more settled.

John also wrote a poem about the West End Centre that features on our website

Come join the West End Centre

You will have lots of fun

I will tell you from the heart

For me, its the only one.

Come join our walking group

We are a happy bunch

And if you want

You can even stay for lunch!

So come and give us a try

It will make you give a cheer

And if you have something to offer

You can become a volunteer!

We have some real talents among people that use our centre. More wise words come from David with Don't;


Don’t change for other people, only for yourself, if you need to, Not to fit in with other peoples way of thinking, Be the best you can and no more than that

Don’t copy other people’s behaviour to be liked, and not know yourself anymore.

Don’t compare yourself to other people lest you stop trying as you feel you can’t beat other people’s achievements

Don’t listen to other peoples criticism and hatred, otherwise you give them power over you and make them feel better about themselves.

By David Williams

David and John have inspired more of us to have a a go at writing some poetry in time for National Poetry day on the 1st of October. We might even put some forward for entry into Bradford Libraries book. Here are the details

Bradford Libraries believe poetry and creativity can be a great way of engaging our minds to explore what, how and why we feel a certain way. Now that we are starting to adapt to change in our daily lives, we wanted to reflect on our experiences of living through these unusual times.

We want to think about things to celebrate; things that have made us sad or things that we have learnt, felt or seen for the first time.

We will produce two books - one book will feature poems and artwork by children & young people under 18 and one book will feature artwork and poems by adults (over 18).

For both there will an overall art winner which will feature on the cover of the book.

The poems and artwork will be selected by a panel of judges.

The closing date is Monday 21st September. Results will be announced on National Poetry Day 1st October

For an entry form email: or pick up one up from your nearest open library.

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