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Plants Galore!

Since lock down eased we have been able to invite people up to our community allotment, providing a safe space to meet up, have a good natter and a catch up over a cuppa. As well as doing our usual tasks such as planting, potting on, planting out, maintenance, weeding, and watering we have also had a tea party, games, music sessions and arts and crafts. As always this is accompanied with lots of laughter!

J said "I wasn't sure if I would come up to the allotment as I wasn't feeling too good but I am so glad I did, it has cleared my head and feel so relaxed, we always laugh!"

K said "it's a good atmosphere, relaxing and I always enjoy it"

We have worked really hard an planted a lot of seeds, these have now grown into an abundance of plants and we are now planning a plant sale in two weeks time. The sale will take place on Southfield Road outside the centre more details to follow.

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