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Pick and Mix back on tour!!!

Pick and Mix Variety Group were out and about yesterday at Goodalls Ice Cream in Tong making the most of the sunshine, enjoying Ice -cream and having a good natter. The group also enjoyed seeing the Llamas, Donkeys, Sheep, Ponies, Ducks and Goats who are due to have their kids soon. Exciting!

Many thanks to Goodalls Ice Cream we will be back in July for another round of ice-cream and to see then new-born kids.

Mary told us she had a lovely afternoon out with friends and enjoyed the ice-cream.

Carol shared it’s such a lovely place, feels like I’m miles away from Bradford and not driving it's no somewhere I would normally get to. I am enjoying nature with friends.

The Pick and Mix Variety Group runs on a Tuesday afternoon 1pm - 3pm at the centre. The group enjoys history, quizzes, speakers and trips out. The group is open to all so if you are interested come along on a Tuesday or give us a call on 07592003595.

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