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No Child Should Go Hungry. Day 5 - Halloween treats

It’s fabulous Friday and day 5 of working with the wonderful Basra family to feed our community and do our bit to make sure children enjoyed their half term holiday and didn’t go hungry. We went one step further as we couldn’t believe it was just children that would go hungry so we fed their parents as well. We have also given out bread making kits, donated toys, soup packs and recipes. We have inspired future chefs and been privileged to see people coming together in a time of a hardship.

Here is one of our new friends making his soup at home

The Basra family say “ We feel lucky to be in the position to have this opportunity to help out in our community, hopefully it is something we can build on in the future

Today we had lovely packed lunches, Curries for the parents , cheesy chips and beans for the kids and if that wasn’t enough Halloween treats donated by our local Tesco. Thank you Tesco we appreciate it.

Mohammed said “ This has made such a difference to us, if my children are happy, i am happy. Thank You”

We are humbled by the generosity of people and saddened by the need. A very big thank you to everyone who has helped to keep people fed this week. We have been blown away by communities around the country who have mobilised to make sure people don’t go hungry. So a very big thanks you to all of you as well.

So this week.

350 Children’s meals donated and served.

102 Parents meals donated and served

20 Bread making kits and recipes given out

10 Soup kits and recipes given out

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