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National composting week .... don't bin it compost it !

It's National composting week and to celebrate this we have asked our gardening community to send us photos of their compost bins. Some very inventful ideas here.

Dan says "the most useful way of dealing with garden and kitchen waste is to use a compost bin as us Yorkshire folk like to waste nowt!"

Don't chuck your peelings and compostable food in your bin that's such a waste, put it in your own compost bin. To buy a bag of compost is about a fiver your own compost is free and can be used to improve your soil, as mulch and great for growing.

We asked our community what they put in their compost bins -

Fruit and vegetable peelings, beetroot and cabbage water, grass, leaves, used fresh coffee, tea leaves and tea bags, straw, cardboard, newspapers, egg shells and anything else which is compostable. The general rule of thumb is 50% brown and 50% green.

You can buy a ready to go compost bin or why not be inventive and recycle what you have and build your own? You may be able to use what you have kicking around in your shed or garden such as bins, buckets, old compost bags etc. The simplest compost bin you can build is by tying 4 pallets together and hey presto its done!!

It's very low maintenance and all you need to do is turn the compost heap over with a garden fork a miniumum of two weekly this gives the items time to start to rot, the more often you turn the quicker the compost will be ready.

See it's easy peasy!

You can join our Friends of the Allotment WhatsApp group for more hints and tips or to share your ideas, just get in touch.

Happy composting!!

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