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Here's how to help others to do more Online

The pandemic proved that the internet is a key utility for everyday life, and knowing how to use it is an essential skill.

If you want to help a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague improve their digital skills, here are some tips from the Goodthings Foundation to help you get started:

Become a Digital Champion - Anyone who inspires others to use computers and the internet is a Digital Champion - whether that’s helping a neighbour to send an email, handing out leaflets for computer classes or helping a friend to set up their new computer or laptop. Why not take this free short online course to get some ideas on how to help others to make the most of life online.

Introduce them to Learn My Way - With courses on everything from using a keyboard and mouse to internet banking and video calls, Learn My Way is the best place to start for people wanting to build their digital skills and confidence.

Find out what they already know - It is a good idea to find out what a person already knows about computers and the internet and what they want to know, and then use this information to plan how you’re going to help them take their next steps.

Make them feel safe - One of the main barriers for people who aren’t active online is the fear that the internet isn’t safe. Try to reassure them that many of the risks of being online can be overcome with some fairly simple steps. This beginners’ course on online safety could help them to feel more in control.

Avoid jargon - Words and terms that you use every day (like ‘cursor’, ‘browser’, ‘swipe’ or ‘right-click’) might not mean anything to someone who is just getting to grips with a laptop or tablet. This jargon buster from digital skills charity Digital Unite breaks down lots of commonly used internet and computer terminology.

Find you local member of the Online Centres Network - If the person you’re helping would like regular support, there are thousands of Online Centres all across the UK that provide free and friendly help throughout the year. Visit to find your nearest centre. The West End Centre is a member of the network and their Centre number 4320600

Use our top tips guides - If you know someone who just needs pointers on making the best use of the internet in a specific area, these top tips guides are a great place to start:

• Managing your money online

• Shopping online

• Staying safe online

• Managing your health online

And remember, don’t worry about being a digital expert Your ability to listen, be patient and support someone else to do more online is what’s important!

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