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Half term at The West End Centre - no child should go hungry

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The West End Centre is working with Mr R Bashir and his family to make sure no child goes hungry this half term.

On Sunday afternoon we were contacted by a family member of Mr Basra who told us that the Basra family wanted to do something to feed children in need this half term by providing a packed lunch for school age children in need. We quickly got together and agreed to give out packed lunches from the Centre from 11.30 until 1pm Monday to Friday this week.

We weren’t sure how it would go with such short notice but thanks to the help form our local schools who contacted parents, and our friends on Facebook and twitter the message went out first thing this morning.

Today 35 children have been fed. This is day one. We understand that if children are hungry their parents are hungry too. We have been overwhelmed by peoples need, gratitude and stories.

Tomorrow we will also be providing Fran’s famous homemade soup and the Bashir family have not only agreed to make packed lunches but will also be bringing Dhal and rice. We can’t thank them enough.

Stay posted we will let you how we get on tomorrow.

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