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Grow for health and happiness

Its been over a year since we were able to have groups at our community allotment and at last the time has arrived when we could open again and welcome people. Dan and Ken have worked incredibly hard to make sure the allotment was ready and covid safe.

It was great for people to get together many have not seen each other for over a year and had so much to say to each other over a cuppa. We also managed to plant seeds, pot on, dig up leeks and plant over a 100 onion bulbs as well. It has really lifted people spirits.

Talking to people over the phone has kept me going but to see people face to have a chat and a laugh has been the best thing

I am so happy I have really enjoyed myself today cannot remember the last time I was so happy, it's all being lovely thank you so much for everything

It was a double celebration today as well as getting together we had a tea party for Dan's birthday, we managed to keep it all hush hush until the last minute, think he was a bit suprised! Happy Birthday Dan..

If you would like to join one our allotment groups please contact Kathryn through the website, on messanger or on 07592003595.

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