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Get Online Week- Mohammed's story

Before lockdown Mohammed was a regular visitor to the West End Centre, often coming in several days a week, meeting his friends, using the computers to look for work and using Learn My Way's online courses to improve his skills. During lockdown staff were particularly concerned about Mohammed being isolated, and as he didn't have a mobile phone, or internet access, they were unable to contact him regularly.

When the centre were given some free tablets and data to distribute by back in July, Mohammed was an ideal candidate and a letter was sent asking him to get in touch to collect a device.

Mohammed says" Getting Online has been brilliant. I have been able look online to see what is happening with Covid and keep up to date with the news. I have learnt how to use whatsapp for chatting with my friends and the West End Centre. The last few months would have been very hard if I could not be in contact with my friends and the Centre, WhatsApp is really good for this. The centre are there to help me if I have a problem with anything and I can go join in the Tablet Tuesday and get help as well. I've been able to apply for jobs online from home, which I wouldn't have been able to do without the tablet and data"

Mohammed's advice to those wanting to be able to get online is" Get on line- it means you can still talk to people and you know what's going on with them, the West End Centre are still here to help you do it"

If you know someone who needs help to get online or you would like to learn how to do new things on the internet contact Kathryn or Fran on 07592 003595 or 07743687053


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