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Ella takes us to Nigeria with her Jollof Rice!!

Another great session with the group.

Last Thursday we covered the different sorts of food and how they nourish our body and the importance of drinking water.

During the sessions the group was surprised to find out that there are ‘pink’ onions which are different from the regular white, red and brown onions.

Do you know why it is so important to eat onions? it helps with hearth health, controls your blood sugar, and has many more health benefits. For more information click the link below –

Ella’s recipe this week was a Nigerian dish called Jollof Rice which is a traditional ceremonial dish in Nigeria. A party isn't a party without Jollof Rice in Nigeria! The group enjoyed cooking together and chatting about different traditions. Christine AKA the Boss joined us for dinner (no pressure to get it right!! ) We are pleased to say she enjoyed it.

The cooking group told us –

Lynne: I don’t use spice because I am not good with them. However, the spicy chicken turned out great and I like the taste of the rice.
Mayzee : I didn’t know what scotch bonnets were, I have never heard of or used them. But now I know.
Richard: Jollof rice reminds me so much of Italian Risotto. Last week I bought a blender just like yours because I have now joined the cooking group. My cooker is broken but I have bought two hot plates where I can make meals. I will make jollof rice at home.
Maureen: I have most of these spices at home and so I can easily make jollof rice at home. So far, I am enjoying all the new things I am learning, and I will be here again next week.

We are traveling to Brazil on Thursday with Andreia to learn how to make Feijao, a beans recipe.

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