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Dont forget to connect

One of the things we have found during our welfare calls is that many people are finding this lockdown the hardest so far. Lots are suffering from loneliness, cabin fever and some are starting to feel pretty low.

This is the third time we have done this and it’s become easy to become stuck in a rut, doing the same things each day and forgetting to reach out.

It's so important for our mental health to try and stay connected with others during lockdown

Here are ways some of our warriors have found to stay connected and beat boredom

“If I feel down I find someone to talk to on the phone, or natter over the fence with my neighbours. Watching comedies on telly picks me up too”

“Going out clearing snow for people, shopping for people, walking dogs for people who are shielding or struggling with the winter weather etc"

“For me writing my music and sharing it online, carrying on with my hobbies- you can’t just sit doing nothing all day”

“The online groups have really helped me, someone is always there, I can log in and have that support, it’s a massive thing- I feel very lucky all the groups are there”

Remember you are not alone, many people are feeling the same so it Important not to underestimate the impact of things you could do to help others- such as sending a text, ringing someone up, writing a letter- go on, stay connected this weekend!

If you would like to join in any of our groups and activities please get in touch

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