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Do you need help to improve your digital skills?

Nisar was often at the centre before lockdown using the computers to look for work and complete online courses to continually improve and update his digital skills.

We have remained in contact with Nisar to provide remote support with completing applications and he found a job during the lockdown doing temporary warehouse work -Well done Nisar! Nisar has gained valuable work experience which he can put to use in other roles. We have helped Nisar remotely to update his CV and to build on the skills he has to continue to search and apply for work.

Currently 11.9 million adults across the UK don't have basic digital skills and only 42 percent of adults in West Yorkshire have the essential digital skills needed for the workplace. If you, or someone you know need help to improve your skills, please contact Kathryn on 07592 003595 or Fran on 07743 687053

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