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Celebrating the West End Community

We would like to thank our fantastic West End Friends and volunteers who are continuing to support and help others in their community.

Volunteers have always been the driving force behind The West End Centre and have been central to its development, management and the delivery of its groups and services. The West End Centre simply would not be what it has become without them.

When we were forced to close our doors last March because of Covid19 none of us imagined what was to come. We very quickly put an Action Plan in place and asked people to take the West End Pledge. This was to exchange contact details with two other people and pledge to keep in touch. Many did and remain in touch with each other making sure no one is left alone and isolated. People who live alone have formed bubbles, others go out of their way to shop and collect prescriptions for less able neighbours and friends.

We would particularly like to pay tribute to our volunteers who continue to help others and are providing a network of support which has spread through the community.

Irene: Thank you for baking sweet treats to be delivered to our weekly lunch club on wheels and donating freshly baked goodies to the local hospital.

Kim: Thank you for keeping people connected and phoning people to check they are ok, and for all your hard work and support on our whatsapp groups.

Sue : Thank you for keeping people connected and phoning people to check they are ok

Kev: Thank you for setting up the whatsapp history buffs group and sharing your knowledge, photos and supporting others

John: Thank you for shopping and caring for others

Nigel: Thank you for supporting us and keeping us connected and motivated

Ken: Thank you for your continued commitment and hard work at our community allotment

Members of our Friends in Need group: Thank you for been there for each other and helping to cope with these difficult times.

These are just a few of our Volunteers and we know many more of our friends’ are out there helping each other. We can’t wait to see you again and hope to be back soon.

We have always said the Centre is just a building; it’s the people inside that make the West End Centre. You lovely people have certainly proved that. We are so proud of you.

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