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Are you a woodworker looking to improve your skills? TV opportunity!!

We have some exciting news for you! We have been contacted by a producer for a leading TV programme makers who make programmes including The Repair Shop. They thought we might be able to help them.

They are making a new show for BBC2 called 'Jay's Workshop' which will be fronted by Jay Blades who currently stars in the Repair Shop. In each episode, Jay, a team of experts and volunteers will design and build beautiful furniture for deserving individuals who have been nominated by neighbours, friends or family.

Each piece will be hand crafted in a workshop rooted within a community and the series will show the detail of the process, filming the care and talent that goes into every piece being made. They will also tell the personal stories of the people who make the pieces; what brought them to the workshop and follow their progress across the series as they take on different challenges. They are looking for volunteers with some skill already who would like to improve these skills by working with experts. If you think this would suit you and would like to improve your skills all you need to do is get in touch.

They are also looking for recipients so if you know any local heroes , please feel free to secretly nominate them .

We hope to see some of you on TV Soon!

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