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And the winner is......

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Back in April as part of National Gardening Week we sent out packs for our 'who can grow the biggest onion in a tiny pot' competition. There was a lot of enthusiasm and some peoples onions were even given names! So this week, two months on, the measuring began! Off we went armed with our tape measures, we measured on peoples, doorsteps, gardens and at our allotment.

Sadly Margaret's Ollie the onion was among the casualties, but we did have plenty of people that had managed to keep their onion alive and thriving.

The tallest onion stalk was recorded at 69 cm but unfortunately they had cheated and re-potted into a larger pot which was against the competition rules (See below), they will receive the rotten onion prize for cheaters.

So our winner is David Williams with his onion stalk measuring 61cm ,well done David you will receive a hamper of homegrown fruit and vegetables from our allotment

Better luck to everyone with the tomato plants we took out to replace the onions. Happy growing!

The rules of the competition were:

The onion must still be in the pot when we judge the size at the end of June. You will need to be patient!

What to do:

1. Empty the bag of compost onto some newspaper

2. Fill the pot half way with the compost

3. Place the onion in the middle pointy end up

4. Put the rest of the compost in the pot

5. Tap it on the table three times, Dan says “this is where the magic happens”!

6. Sit the pot on a saucer to catch the water

7. Water it

8. Keep the soil damp but not too wet

If you have your own way to grow the onion do it, let us know what you did. Get googling or reading garden books for the best ways to grow a great big onion!

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