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Celebrating all the good things!

This week is loneliness awareness week and we want to celebrate the great things our community has achieved during the lockdown to help prevent loneliness, isolation and to support each other.

It all started with ‘The West End pledge’; We asked people to pledge to keep in daily contact by phone or e-mail with at least two others, reducing the impact of this isolation. People have kept in contact and are building new support networks during this difficult time. They have said having others to talk to is an absolute lifeline and the calls are helping keep their spirits up.

We have three whatsapp groups running keeping people in contact, West End Warriors shares positive news and fact based information, quizzes, games and laughter this is seeing up to 250 messages a day providing virtual company for many isolated people. West End History Buffs was also set up in addition to the warriors for those with a specific interest in local history sharing photos and local knowledge. Friends In Need (Bradford Depression Support Group), is a peer support and friendship group that has been running at the West End Centre for the last four years. Unable to meet in person a whatsapp group was set up to run every Thursday morning until we can resume normal service. The group is also available for chat and support all week.

A postcard was posted out with a positive message to people just letting them know we were thinking about them with our contact numbers on.

Every Wednesday over 25 home cooked two course meals are delivered out into the community, applying social distancing we manage to have a chat with everyone, provide any support where we can, and act as an unofficial delivery service between friends!

Our wonderful tree of hope is looking great and people are still adding their contributions to it, including messages of hope and thank you notes. Our crafters have been knitting and making lots of bright things for the tree! Its a great focal point for the community and gets people talking.

We were lucky enough to be donated some tablets with data which we were able to give out to people filling specific criteria, allow them to get online, reduce isolation by connecting with others using video calls and the whatsapp groups and generally improve their IT Skills.

In addition to this we know every day that within the community there are acts of kindness, people pulling together, supporting each other.

You are all amazing!

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