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Here's to our tree of hope

While out for her daily stroll a couple of weeks ago, Christine spotted this wishing tree, and it got us thinking. A tree of hope at the allotment would be a fantastic way to bring all of our hopes, dreams, memories, and aspirations for the future together again in these times that we have to stay apart.

So, yesterday, along with our hot food deliveries we sent out tags for people to fill in, and also encouraged people to make their own. We want people to tell us; what are your happiest memories? Who would you like to give thanks to? Who would you like to send good wishes to? What are your hopes and dreams for the future, what do you wish for?Messages to help lift and inspire others.

Knitters and crafters- we need your help too, could you make pom poms? Bunting? Ribbon streamers?, anything colourful and kooky to brighten our tree up.

If you want to send messages of hope for us to hang for you please Address them to St Oswalds West End Centre

St Oswalds Church

Christopher Street



We will keep you updated with news and pictures over the next few weeks

Here's to hope

Here’s to hope...

From The West End Staff

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