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How to make summat out of nowt #14 Carrots

Carrots are great can be used for many things sweet and savoury, we throw the scraps away why? we can plant them and grow more very easily. Anyone can have a go here's how to do it

All you need is shallow dish or tray and some cotton wool balls

  1. Add a layer cotton wool balls to the dish

  2. Pour a small amount of water over the cotton so its wet, but don't completely flood it

  3. Press the carrot top onto the wet cotton wool and place the dish in a sunny location

  4. The cotton needs to be wet throughout the whole growing period, don’t allow it to dry out

Carrot tops grow fairly quickly once they start to sprout, once it’s established, you can plant them in soil

As a more exotic alternative grow your own Pineapple! The tops of pineapples can be planted and grown again. Remove some of the lower leaves and trim off the outer part of the pineapple top until you see little brown bumps, the root buds. Leave the top to dry for a few days before planting.

  1. Once dried, plant the top directly into soil up to the base of its leaves. I’d start by planting in a pot so you can move it around.

  2. At first, choose a bright spot for the pot, but at first, avoid direct light if possible

  3. Use a good quality soil mix and water thoroughly

  4. Keep the soil moist until the roots develop, this should take about two months to establish

  5. Pineapples grow slowly, so be patient and keep the plant away from frosts throughout its life

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