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News from the Grow for Health and Wealth Project

Growing season is well under way, Dan is at our community allotment working in rotation with trusted volunteers Ken and John preparing for the time when we are advised it is safe to open the allotment back up to everyone. We have to celebrate the devotion of our staff and volunteers at this difficult time- well done you lot!

If we have not managed to re-open by the time the veggies are ready, you might just find a green food parcel on your doorstep.

There are already leeks, onions, garlic, beans, cucumbers and potatoes planted.

Hopefully we will be able to re-open at some point during this growing season. If you would be interested in getting involved at the allotment we can put your name down just contact us on 07592003595. You don't need to have any previous experience or be super fit. If you enjoy gardening or just want to be more active, learn new skills or share the skills you have, or get out in fresh air amd meet new people then this is for you!

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