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How to make summat outta nowt #11 Planting potatoes

A change from the recipes today in honour of the beautiful sunny weather.

So finding some sprouting potatoes in the bottom of my veg cupboard got me thinking? how easy would it be to grow our own? So after a quick squiz at the Royal Horticultural Society pages me and my trusty sidekick (Adam)got to work.

My neighbour Justin will admit hes not much of a gardener, and kindly agreed that i could take over a disused planter in his garden, in exchange for a chip butty when the potatoes are ready. I did offer to share the spoils obviously!

So we, well mainly Adam to be honest (i did take photos) weeded and dug the ground over

We dug a trench down the middle about 6 " (15cm)deep and put our sprouting potatoes in 12" (30cm)apart. The RHS suggests you use seed potatoes from the garden centre, but we wont be going there any time soon will we? So we have made do with what we have. We rubbed the sprouts off until there were only four per spud, apparently this will give us a stronger crop. Then just covered them over with the soil. we will let you know when they start sprouting. Why not have a go yourself, any large deep container will do, and in June and July hopefully you'll be able to eat your own home grown potatoes!


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