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What's on the menu in the skint flints kitchen ?

In our skint flints kitchen on a Friday morning we learn how to cook tasty and nutritious meals on a tight budget. If you would like to join our cooking group please give us a call or call in and see us. There is a charge of £1.50.

Last session we prepared and cooked Chicken Kebabs and Poha Batata Rice.

Here is the recipe for the chicken kebabs


  • Minced Chicken

  • Spices of your choice (cumin, celery salt, garam masala, paprika, black pepper, salt, mustard seeds)

  • Chopped Chilli (optional)

  • Coriander, Thyme or parsley (optional)


  • Put minced chicken in a bowl

  • Add your choice of herbs or spices or both (limit your choice to one, two or three options)

  • Portion out and roll into a ball and flatten slightly

  • Place on an oven tray and cook at 180c for 5 minutes or until cooked

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