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The Magnificent 10 ride again.

Well we would of done if Irene’s car hadn’t developed a flat battery!!!!!!!

Where to you may ask?

To visit Cartwright Hall.

What happened?

We all met at the centre. Members of the group had offered to take others in their cars, and places were allocated in three cars.

Despite a shaky start when one of the vehicles would not start – “Flat battery” – a Taxi was organised and we all made it.

There were plenty of exhibits on show, and the most popular was the exhibition of

“The splendours of the Subcontinent : A princes tour of India 1875/76”

We can highly recommend it, especially the bit were we got to dress up like Maharaja’s.

There were many precious artefacts on display which everyone seemed to enjoy.

After the tour of the museum, the group split into 2, with one group enjoying a nice cup of Tea in the park next to the Boating lake, whilst the other group called for a meal at a nearby pub.

Some of us are thinking of returning when the weather was better to have a go in the pedalo’s on the boating lake.

So if you’re interested watch this space. You will be made very welcome and it sounds like great fun.

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