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Salam- Normans grand idea!

If you have ever visited the West End Centre you will know it is a friendly, welcoming and diverse place, but there are always ways in which we can improve things. Norman (pictured) came to us a couple of weeks ago with what we thought was a great idea.

Over the last few months he has built up a cracking bond with one of our students, Hassan. He suggested that Hassan put on an Urdu lesson so that we can speak more easily to different people in the centre and round and about in our community.

As usual he asked and we delivered!

Today's session was well attended and the staff and volunteers joined in too. We learnt how to greet somebody, ask their name, tell them our name in reply and to count up to twelve.

All agreed it was a fun and informative session and asked for another next week!, Norman said it was "bloody marvellous!"

Next weeks session will recap on what we learnt this week and also cover please and thank you, and how to ask how someone is. If you would like to join us the next session is Wednesday 8th of March at 1pm.

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