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Another sunny day at the West End Centre

We are getting right into this blogging malarkey, it gives a chance to let people know what's going on. As we get used to it you will be seeing more posts from the most important people- the people who come and use the community centre!

We had a visit yesterday from Maria of Trading Standards Safer Project to make us aware of frauds and scams we might be exposed to. It was well attended , Maria said " its always good when the group are engaged and share their own experience of scams"

Its good for us to know how to keep ourselves and others in our community safer. We have another session planned for tomorrow (Thursday) between 2-3 and can highly recommend it.

If you want to join us you don't have to have visited the centre before, and you will be assured of a warm welcome, a cuppa and a biscuit.

Speaking of food we are cooking away for our Wednesday community Lunch. On the menu today are chicken stew and dumplings or cheese and onion pie, then black cherry crumble or home made rice pudding to follow all for £3.50, well worth a visit.

Blimey i'm off on a food theme again.....Fridays cooking group should be fun (10.30-1pm), our friend and Ward Officer Sheila Brett brought us lots of vegetables in so i will be thinking what we can make with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and sprouts. I'm thinking roast vegetable tarts and wedges, a roast dinner or veggie pasta at the moment, any ideas?.

I'm glad the weather is a bit better today for the walking group at 1.30, amazingly it has continued right through the winter with several of our hardier walkers dragging me out each week. I think i will leave a couple of layers off today, and imagine spring has sprung.

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