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We had joy, we had fun, we had bread making in the sun!

Just like a summers day on Thursday ideal weather for some gardening and a bit of bread making, yes we did make some bread at the community allotment, we turn our hands to all sorts of different thing up at the allotment it's so much more than just growing!

So why are we making bread at the allotment? Why not! We were lucky enough to receive some bread making packs from Kitty's Kits, which is all about breaducation and giving people the opportunity to have a go at making bread and see that it isn't as difficult as you may think. See the link below for more information about the bread making kits.

Before we got stuck in with our gardening jobs we prepared our bread dough and put it in the poly tunnel to proof (letting the yeast do it's thing).

We got our pumpkin, tomato, courgette, cosmos and sweetcorn seeds in, over 100 pots were filled. We are getting ready for our plant and share event on 11 May 2023 at the centre. More details to follow. Strawberry plants were placed in our raised bed and our early tomatoes were potted on.

Our bread dough rose really well in the poly tunnel, it was then split into rolls and put on the BBQ to cook. The rolls were enjoyed by everyone.

Dian - I've never tasted or made home made bread before it was lovely, had no idea we could cook on a BBQ at the allotment. Really enjoy making it, I'm going to try at home.

Daniel - That's better than a bakery, I'm taking a roll home to make a sandwich for my tea. We try a lot of new things at the allotment, I like it.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to give a helping hand, without you we wouldn't have got so much planting done ready for the season ahead. Was also really good to see a few faces we haven't seen since COVID and would be lovely to see you again!

Want to know more about our allotment group or what goes on at the centre then come into the centre or give us a ring on 07592003595.

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