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"Unleashing the Buttered Battle: Inside the West End's Toast League on National Toast Day"

Toast day! We look forward to this day every year gives us a chance to do something different, a bit of fun and have a good laugh at the same time!

What shenanigans did Yorkshire Man Dan have instore this year?  

The Toast League!   Boys against Girls, each team had take part in a series of challenges

·Dan told us the competition has been fierce between the boys and girls team, the girls won the day and the league for the year so see you in 12 months for the next National Toast Day

Check out our video of the best aim event

Toast Towers – Girls

·        Relay – Girls

·        Toast Penalties - Draw

·        Boule’s- Boys

·        Memory Game - Girls

·        Longest Throw - Boys

·        Best Aim - Girls

·        Best Sculpture – Girls

Rodney told us so much laughter, got us moving around doing different activities with a bit of competition, enjoyed it!
Dian told us using Dan as a target to throw toast at was funny
Peter told us it's good to do silly things sometimes, a good group.  I don’t really go anywhere else just here on a Wednesday for my dinner, Allotment group and walking group.  I don’t feel so isolated and feel very welcome here.

Join us next year for most toast related shenanigans!!

No bread was harmed in these shenanigans, it was out of date and will be fed to some local chickens.

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