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The humble chickpea on the Monday Market

Do you have a tin of chick peas stuck in your cupboard don’t know what to do with them or just want to try something new? Chickpeas are one of the things supplied on our Monday Market and we did try something different with them. We turned them into a healthy, tasty snack along side a veg curry as our free taster during the Monday Market. We simply roasted them and added a few spices! Yummy....

We didn’t follow a recipe just used some of the spices we had in the cupboard, but if you do want to follow a recipe try this one below very similar to what we did.

Our Monday Market runs every Monday 9.30am - 12.30pm, The cost is £5 for 15 items of food in addition to this you can take some fresh fruit and veg. We also serve a free taster using some of the food from the market. The only requirement is that you either live or work in Bradford.

Come and have a look on Monday or if you want to know more about the market or the centre please give us a ring on 07592003595

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