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Spring has sprung and we have lots to celebrate.

Today is the International day of happiness and also the first day of spring!  We have a lot to celebrate… 


Congratulations to Shabina who had an interview last week and has come in to tell us today that she got the job!

Shabina told us the job is working evenings which is just what I wanted so I can still come into the centre. 
Thank you to all of you for all the help you have given me which has helped me improve my computer skills and helped me to get more out of my own laptop. 

We asked around the centre what people liked the most about spring this is what you told us


I can get out more, go for more walks – Andy
Seeing the flowers blooming and birds singing  - Jordan
The warmer weather makes me feel better – Asif
Spring is the doorstep to summer, just makes me feel better and I’m less likely to get wet when I’m at work – Catherine
I’m from a hot country and not used to the cold weather, so for me it feels like the start of the warmer weather, the brightness of the flowers fills me with joy.  – Ela
Light in the mornings now when I take the dog out for a walk, days feel longer get more done! – Dan
The lighter/longer days and the flowers blooming makes you feel like a weight  has been lifted and I feel lighter. - Anon
The buds on the trees, the flowers, taking the children to the park good exercise in the better weather - Nazma

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