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Souper roasted sweet potato soup

At the centre we all enjoy sharing a big pan of homemade soup. Tuesday lunch is often soup day, we like to mix it up a bit and do a different soup every week. This week was sweet potato and pepper soup.

The soup was a great success and many requested the recipe so here it is.


· One to two sweet potatoes per person

· Half a red onion per person

· A clove of garlic per person

· A pepper (not spicy)

· Splash of olive oil

· Pinch of salt

· Water



  • Chop the onion into quarters and the sweet potato into cubes less than an inch.

  • Crush the garlic with the blade of the knife.

  • Mixed them together on a baking tray coating with a splash of olive oil

  • Place the peppers on the top so they are higher to get more heat.

  • The lot was roasted at 200c in the oven until soft, about an hour.

  • The skin was peeled off the peppers (should be easy if they have been roasted enough) and the seeds taken out.

  • Cover with water and boiled until dissolving. It was blended and salt was added to taste (it might not need it)

Eat with a smile (keeping the soup in your mouth)

Rough recipe by the Dan.

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