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Seeds, seeds and plenty of weeds!

Things are moving on quickly at the allotment and that's not just the speed we are working to keep up with all the plants which are growing at a great speed especially those annoying weeds, which seem to get in everywhere!

We pulled a good crop of radish with everyone taking some home for their salads or maybe to pickle? More radish seeds went in as these don't take long to grow.

We had a good old sort out of all our seeds we have a really good stock and plenty of flower seeds for next season too, most of these were donated at our plant and share event, so thanks to everyone for them.

Rhubarb has gone wild so we have harvested the bigger stalks these will be used at the centre for one of the favourite puddings at lunch club, the bosses rhubarb crumble usually with ice cream or custard.. yummmm.

Ken, one of our most experienced long serving volunteers at the allotment is sharing his skills with Daniel, he has done some carpentry making beds in the new poly tunnel and taught Daniel how to use the strimmer around that allotment.

Daniel told us "I have really enjoyed working with Ken he has a lot of tricks to show me and I have used some tools never used before. Enjoying it learning new skills"

You can come and join as the allotment for a cuppa and see what it's all about we are there from 10am on Thursday or give us a call on 07592003595.

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