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Recycling our rubbish to make sculptures

It's been an exciting two weeks in the Art Group. Alison the visiting Artist has been with us and we have made a good start on the sculptures.

Last week we ventured outside with clipboards and magnifying glasses hunting down moss and lichen, we were very surprised to see how much of lichen was just growing on walls and never really knew what it was. We used the magnifying glasses to look at the structure of the moss and lichen and took pen to paper to draw it.

Stephen told us "this is something very different, it was good, I've learnt something new already liked looking through the magnifying glass at the moss"

This week we made a start at building the sculpture on frames (it will become clear when you look at the photo's !!!) using recycle items such as bubble wrap , white plastic bags and polystyrene wrap.

Lynn told us "amazing what you can make out of rubbish makes you look at in a whole different way, it was a good group, lovely meeting new people as well"

A big thank you to Alison for taking the time out and letting us get involved with her light project.

The group continues next week, you are welcome to join us at 10am Tuesday morning. If you want to know more call into the centre of you can ring us on 07592003595.

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