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Potatoes, paint and a landscape!

Today’s heavy frost has meant the allotment group cannot work outside ( brrrrrr it’s way too cold…) and the ground is solid. Plan B was put into action and to bring a bit of summer cheer into the centre we decided to make use of some old spuds and paint to make a landscape, indoor landscaping.

We looked at some pictures of meadows and landscapes and agreed we can do that no problem! Channelling our inner child we set to work painting our landscape and made some flower stamps from our old spuds, hey presto we have a few master pieces! A lot of fun and mess along the way too.

Hasan said “This brings backs memories of school days, don’t do enough of this stuff as adults it’s great so therapeutic”

Dian said “I really enjoyed it, fun working together!”

Watch this space to see more adventures of Yorkshire Man Dan’s allotment group!

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