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Pick & Mix Variety group are out and about

Pick & Mix variety group meet on a Tuesday afternoon at the centre and enjoy films, music, quizzes games, trips out and speakers. The group haven't had a trip out since the Christmas Tree Festival in December so we were ready to go out. We arranged a trip to one of our favourite places, Bankfield Museum.

We had a fun afternoon trying on hats, looking at fashion going back to the early 1900's, which prompted some funny story telling around trying to walk in platform shoes and how much hairspray was used for the beehive hair style! This was all rounded off nicely in the café with a cuppa and a natter.

Many thanks to Bankfield Museum for having us, we will be back!

Want to know more or would like to join this group please come into the centre or give us a call on 0759003595.

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