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Litter pick hero’s save the day for those that don’t throw their rubbish away!

Thank you to our Litter pickers who went out around the centre this morning to have a bit of a clear up. It’s amazing how much rubbish accumulates around the area, from cigarette butts to bottles, cans and takeaway packaging.

Did you know that cigarette butts take 14 years to break apart and their toxins are seeping into the earth. It’s important these are disposed of correctly and not left on the ground.

Armed with litter pickers and rubbish bags we headed out onto Christopher Street and around the centre grounds. Several bags of rubbish later we returned to the centre for a well-deserved cuppa and a seat in the shade.

Catherine told us “I was disappointed to see that there is so much rubbish around even though there are plenty of litter bins, I was glad to do my bit to tidy up the area and fresh air and exercise is always a bonus!”

Graham told us “Was good to get out with my friends in the sunshine clearing some of the rubbish, I liked the fresh air”.

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