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Its good to talk!!

It’s #timetotalk day today. A smile may start a conversation with someone or a chat about the weather, this can open up a safe space for people to talk about how they are feeling.  Just being there and listening can really make a difference. 

We have a friendly, safe, warm space at the centre where you can come and meet others and talk about how you are feeling, pass the time of day or just be in company.   As we get to know each other it can become easier to share how we are feeling, but that is up to you.

We all talk to each other every day over a cuppa, lunch, drawing, painting, crafting, quizzing, shopping, learning, or gardening whatever we are doing it’s always a good time to talk.

Our doors are open Monday to Thursday, no appointment needed just come along for a cuppa and a natter see how it goes.

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