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It's week 5 of the cooking group, where are we this week?

Today is week 5 of our 6 weeks cooking group and it has only got better and better. it has flown! Today we made Chicken Tikka and flat bread.

We used Greek Yoghurt last week to make Albanian Byrek. Well, its back again this week in our chicken tikka and flat bread. This means Greek yoghurt is versatile and handy to have at home.

Although the origin of this dish is not certain, many believe it originated from the south Asian community in Great Britain. We think of it as a Bradford Meal!!

Chicken Tikka is made using boneless chunks of chicken i.e., any type/part of chicken that tickles your fancy, marinated in spices and Yoghurt which is then roasted in an oven and served in a creamy sauce.

Our Tutor, Shona, advised using an oven dish to roast the chicken so that it does not dry out the sauce. This was a quick and tasty meal that is not fattening at all.

Here is what group members had to say

Maureen: "Quite spicy meal. A bit hot for my taste buds but I will make it less spicy at home. I especially enjoyed making the flat breads. Its very easy and I wonder why I have never made them before"

Richard: "What I like most about these classes is that I get to take part in making the meals. Today I liked chopping up the chicken into chunks to make the tikka. Rolling the dough seemed like hard work but its quite simple and easy to do"

Diana: "I enjoyed the spicy yet sour taste of the chicken tikka on the flat bread. Please email me this recipe so I can make it at home.

Sheraz: "A very tasty meal indeed. Can I have some more?"

Eloghosa: "This is the first time am seeing chicken being marinated with Yoghurt. Interesting and amazing. The taste was quite different for me, and I am looking forward to make this again as a family dinner at home."

Next week we journey to the southern part of Nigeria by making the very famous Fufu and Efo Riro (spinach soup).

If you are interested in joining our cooking group you can ring us on 07592003595, or call into the centre.

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