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How the West Enders save energy, looking after the pennies so the pounds look after themselves!

During energy saving week we spoke to people around the centre and asked them to share their own energy saving tips. 

This is what they told us.

  • Carol leaves her central heating on low all through the winter months and only turns it up if it’s particularly cold, keeping it on low means the boiler doesn’t need to heat up each time it’s turned on.

  • Stephen’s tip is to turn everything off don’t leave televisions etc on standby, although this only saves a little electricity it all adds up over the year.

  • Irene uses low energy light bulbs, they are a little bit more expensive to buy but do save you money in the long run.

  • Carol closes here curtains to keep the heat in.

  • Sandra uses draught excluders in front of her doors and leaves the oven door open when finished cooking so the heat left can warm the house.  

  • Carol told us that she places foil behind the radiators on outside walls to deflect the heat into the room.

  • Dian uses here heating on a timer, so it only comes on for a few hours a day when she really needs it. 

  • Razina told us she turns lights off in the room when she leaves it and is always telling her children to turn the lights off!!

  • Cameron also told us he turns off all his electrical items when not using them doesn’t use standby mode. Looking after the pennies!!!

  • Irene has recently had solar panels fitted and a new combi boiler which is saving a lot of money on gas and electric bills.

  • Kathryn told us only fill your kettle with the actual amount of water you need.

  • Diana told us that she layers up on clothing, uses blankets, ensures all doors are kept shut.

  • Kim told us she lights candles rather than switching lights on and only does her washing when she has a full load. Batch cooking also saves on gas/electric.

Some great ideas there, hope you found them useful, if you have any energy saving tips please share them with us.

For more energy support and advice you can follow this link.

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