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Happy 2nd Birthday to Scruff...

Scruff our therapy dog turns 2 years old today! Happy Birthday Mr Scruff…

Scruff has been coming to the centre and a regular up at the allotment since Dan got him as a pup. Scruff is a lurcher, with a wiry coat, (hence the name scruff) he is very friendly, loves to play, has his very own unique personality and can be mischievous. Everyone who comes in the centre is always pleased to see him and on the day’s he isn’t here Dan gets asked why he hasn’t brought the Scruff in. He enjoys the attention and is very happy to give cuddles and strokes and when he’s had enough he takes himself off to his bed for a nap and can sleep through the noisiest of laughter, singing and music. If anyone nips outside for a breather he follows them and has a little wander around the grounds. Scruff is spoilt by everyone and now has his own drawer full of treats.

We call him our therapy dog because he really does make people feel better and it is scientifically proven that a dog can offer comfort and ease your worries, help alleviate stress and anxiety. Even just petting a familiar dog lowers blood pressure, heart rate, slows breathing, and relaxes muscle tension.

We are having a birthday party today for Scruff day with party food and games, please come and join us from 12 noon.

Thanks to Scruff's family for sharing Scruff with us and thank you for the lovely photos.

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