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Gruppo di cucina diventa Italiano! (cooking group go Italian!)

Culture club cooking group has gone Italian. The group decided to make a lasagne most people had never made their own or not even tried it before. We used all fresh ingredients, made our own ragu and white sauce and everyone had a go at making their own pasta sheets from scratch which was a new experience for the whole group.

Along side the lasagne, which was delicious, we had a salad bar for people to try new things including rocket and spring onions. Tomatoes, cucumbers and beetroot all grown on our community allotment. Beetroot was done three ways. Boiled and sliced, grated with carrot, and grated with apple. This was a great experiment giving everyone the opportunity to try new or things prepared differently. The beetroot was a great success and many of the group took fresh beetroot home to cook themselves.

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