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A Toast to Toast

National Toast day is here and what a day full of toasty shenanigans !

How good are your toast building skills? Twenty minutes to build a sturdy tower, many different techniques were used and a few collapses and rebuilds and a whole load of laughter. Well done to Lorraine for the highest at 23cms and Martin for the strongest tower. We ventured outside between snow showers for a toast throwing competition the wind seem to catch Kev's and took it the furthest.

M said "I never know what to expect when I come to the centre always something different, it was good, enjoyed it"

Finally the best toastie filling competition we had a a lot of entries, some strange combinations here are a few

Peanut butter and crushed up twirl


Onion rings and cheese

Seaweed & crab

Cheese, ham and mustard

Bacon, mushroom, onion and sugar

The winner voted the best was Graham with a full breakfast toastie and the weirdest entry was John with bacon, guacamole and peanut butter..

No bread was harmed in these shenanigans, it was out of date and will be fed to some local chickens

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