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What a difference £5 can get you at our Monday Market!

This week Then Sun did an article on what £5 can get you at Aldi. https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/food/20287967/i-did-5-aldi-shop-last-me-all-week/

With the cost of living crisis everything is going up and money is not going as far as it use to. Here at the West End Centre, we have a Monday Market, this is in partnership with the Food Saver Network, and you can get a lot more food for your money.

In the pictures you will see a basket of food a customer picked up from the Monday Market and when priced matched at a Supermarket this came to over £30.

Our market is open every Monday (except Bank Holidays) 9.30am till 12:30pm and is open to anyone. There is a membership fee of £5 every time you shop and for this you can get up to 15 items plus any fruit or veg! We also offer a food taster each week.

If you have a Bradford Credit Union account or sign up for one with us, we will donate £1 from your membership fee every time you use the market to your Bradford Credit Union Account.

The Monday Market is open to anyone in the Bradford district, you don’t need a referral, just visit the centre on a Monday morning, register and pay your membership fee and grab some shopping.

Everyone is welcome, just bring your carrier bags 😊

Aldi Shop above, West End Centre Monday Market Shop below

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