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West End Warriors tips for coping with lockdown#3

Now we are on to lockdown #3 what have we learnt from the previous lockdown?

Here are some of the things the West End Warriors are doing to look after their wellbeing and to stay as healthy and happy as possible. Are there any ideas you can try?

  • It's about keeping busy and breaking the day up otherwise you just get down and start feeling sorry for yourself.

  • Remember it's only 6 weeks until March!

  • I have been doing a lot more cooking from scratch

  • I have been chatting with friends on WhatsApp

  • I'm trying to do some more poetry

  • Looking forward to things that I have made as part of my routine such as the WhatsApp quiz on a Thursday

  • I go walking when possible but weather hasn't been very good so then I do floor exercises

  • Ringing round people stops you and them feeling lonely

  • Doing yoga stretches every day

  • Using guided meditation videos has helped me relax

  • A pampering session cheers me up

  • Cleaning, even if its just doing one cupboard or pushing the hoover round

  • There is always something to do you've just got to get on with it- I know it's not easy at times but there are a lot of people worse of than us.

  • The WhatsApp groups are a big help as staying cheerful on group I might be helping some one that's really down and has nobody

  • Today my Dad is going to walk around the block with me. For the last few days I've been doing floor exercises such as stomach crunches and leg lifts (laying on my back and raising one leg at a time ten times then swapping over). I have some weights in gloves so standing I push out to the other side. Also do arm raises at each side. One more exercise I do is placing a free weight (a tin would do) on the floor and picking it up to my waist using both hands then up to my chest, then above my head

  • Planning what to plant in the garden knowing spring isn't far away

  • As Mona's says about the rain- don't let it stop you doing anything you have to. Go to work in it!

Do you have any ideas you can add?

If you need a chat, want to join in with any of our groups and activities or for more information please contact Fran or Kathryn on 07592003595 or 07743687053, use the contact us tab on the Website, message us through Facebook or email

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