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Unleashing Our Artistic Side with Yorkshire Man Dan's Wreath Making Workshops

And that’s a wrap!  Yorkshire Man Dan can put his secateurs away until next year! Wreath making workshops for this year are done, it has been a brilliant two days with lots of new faces and a whole load of professional looking wreaths going out the door.

It was surprising how many people told us that they were not good at arts and crafts and certainly didn’t feel that they would be able to produce such a professional looking wreath.

Our friendly pooch helper Scruff was on paws to transport the wreath rings and give cuddles.   It was lovely to see everyone enjoying lunch and staying behind for a natter.

This is what you told us.

Sam “First time at the Centre, nice to be around others making the wreaths, met some new people and making this wreath has shown me I can be creative and making something for Christmas”.
Sarah “my first time, really enjoyed, will definitely come again, bargain price, need more days for people to attend”.
J “First visit to the centre, the learning area looks great. Had a great day and we will be back again next year, everyone was very welcoming and so helpful.
Talia “made new friends, all very well organised.  Had a lovely time thanks to you all”.
Sue, “This is ace, loving it really cheered me up.  Lovely, relaxed atmosphere”
L “Please thank everyone for this, it’s been great, never been here before and you have made us all so welcome”

We started running Wreath Making Workshops at the centre many years ago and we have been running them ever since with popularity growing each year.  During lockdown we were unable to run the workshops, so Yorkshire Man Dan did a video showing everyone how to make one.  We will be posting this video shortly! Be sure to have a look and whilst you there why not have a look at the other videos on our YouTube channel. 

We would like to thank everyone who came to the workshop and made it such a big success and thanks to those who donated all this wonderful greenery for the wreaths.

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