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Planting seeds, to feed our community...

Yorkshire Man Dan was guiding the troops this morning as spring is just around the round the corner so it’s time to plant, plant and more planting.  Beans, chard, kale, spring onions, sweet peas and making a start on our herbs.  This is just the start! We are using the newspaper pots that we made last week as these can be put straight into the ground at the Allotment.

Tulips have also been planted in the pots we decorated earlier this year ready for people to grow on at home.

Scruff our therapy dog was on hand to provide any expert advice!!

Dian   “ I’m Loving it, enjoying the planting, can’t wait to see things growing”

Lorraine  “Like getting my hands in the muck and doing something, we will be eating some of the things we have planted in a few months”

Shabina “don’t usually do this sort of thing, but I’m happy to try anything new, really enjoying it

Peter “I’m planting broad beans, looking forward to trying these when they are ready.  Enjoy this group it’s great company and doing things I wouldn’t normally do”

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