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Macramé mayhem!!

Art group have started a new venture today making Macramé plant holders, the pots for the plants were decorated last week and this week the technical part has started!

So, what is Macramé? It is a form of textile using knotting threads in a geometrical pattern. The origins of Macramé date back to 13th century decorative weavers who used the knots to secure loose ends of woven textiles, like towels and shawls. Many believe the term macramé comes from the Arabic word migramah or fringe.

It sounds complicated but once you get everything set up and into the swing of its not as hard as you think.

S said “I like anything to do with art but I have never done macramé before, I have done weaving. It was very good enjoy trying new things and learning new skills. I’m going to find a nice small plant to fit in it and put it up at home”

If you would like to try something new come along to our Arts and Craft group on a Tuesday morning from 10am, no experience is needed just drop in. Cost of the group is just £1 to cover cost of materials. Our internet café is open serving tea, coffee and hot chocolate for 50p. For lunch on a Tuesday we offer soup and sandwiches starting from £1.50

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