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Gentle stroll because that’s how we roll.

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Walk, Talk and trying new things.

If you feel that your stuck up a tree, then please come for a walk with me. Walking is good for our minds, bodies, wellbeing and it all starts with one step at a time. Our walk and talk group is about getting away from the weight of the world and having a moment to refresh ourselves.

Thursday saw our walkers out in Wibsey Park. The group met at the bench by the lake/ entrance gate and started with a gentle walk around the lake. Whilst out walking we noticed some of the wildlife and trees etc. We fed the different birds in the lake with seed purchased from the café Scrap Magic, as we know bread is no good for them.

The group decided walking wasn’t enough and tried out the exercise machines with hesitation but soon realised that it was fun and lots of laughs. The group agreed that they wouldn't have used the machines when they were on their own, but being together gave them the confidence to have a try.

We stopped at the café for a cuppa and a loo break and said hello to Stan the local cat. PURRFECT! Lynn shared her treats with passing dogs and friendly Cat Stan.

We walked a gentle 1 and half miles altogether with with a lot of chatter and laughter.

If you interested in joining us the group is open to all abilities, call into the centre or give us a ring on 07592003595.


· Lynn Shared “Brilliant walking with friends and having a laugh. Been the longest I’ve been out of the house for a very long time. Looking forward to next time!"
· Dian shared “Never been to Wibsey Park before and love it, will come again, Great getting steps in and keeping fit is good for ya! “
· Catherine shared “Been nice to get out with great company”.
· Daniel Shared “Enjoyed the walk , Company and a beautiful day.”
· Diana Shared “Every single step leads to the next and Fab-U-Lus seeing everyone smile, laugh, trying new things together their own way! “

Tomorrow Thursday 20th July, the group are in the centre, we are using the computes to apply for our passport to leisure cards, look at the BEEP Scheme and sharing ideas for the groups next meet up / Stroll/ Walk.

A snippet of local history for you about Wibsey -

Wibsey Park was built on Wibsey Slack. The area was to be enclosed by the lords of the manor in 1881, but a local councillor, Enoch Priestley, fought against this for the rights of the local people. The land was saved, and the park opened on 25 May 1885.”

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