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Farewell to our Flo

We at the West End Centre would like to bid a fond farewell to one of our dear friends. Flo Franks started attending the Centre many years ago after the loss of her beloved husband Bernard. She missed him terribly and after hearing about the centre from a friend at the bus stop started to attend the Young at Heart social group.

Gradually Flo started getting involved in lots of activities and became a valued volunteer. She dedicated hours supporting the Centre and befriending people. Flo was life and sole of the weekly community lunch club and made it her mission to make sure people felt welcome. She befriended everyone and personally phoned everyone on the few occasions it had to be cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Flo was never lost for words and had a great sense of humour and that’s how she will be remembered.

Flo also was a member of the management committee for many years and very active in many projects and groups over the years. Even when she was unable to attend the centre after a bad fall she continued to be involved. Flo lent us her greenhouse and looked after our seedlings making sure they were watered and grow strong before going to our Community Allotment.

We will miss you Flo, we are sorry we can’t show you how much and attend your funeral to say our goodbyes.

We will always remember you, the memories you made with us still make us smile.

Good night God Bless rest well.

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