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Digging in for Spring

Although its definitely not gardening weather at the moment we are already thinking about spring at the allotment and in our gardens.

Within our current online groups there is already lots of gardening, allotment and grow your own related chat and questions and as we are coming towards the planting and growing season Dan has decided to start a new WhatsApp group 'Friends of the allotment' devoted especially to all things gardening.

The group is for anyone from total beginners to professional gardeners or those who are just interested in what we do.

We hope that people can use it socially to keep in touch and even meet new people.

If you don't have WhatsApp don't worry we will be posting on Facebook regularly on our grow for health and wealth page Grow for Health and Wealth | Facebook

Here are some other WhatsApp groups we currently have running:

WhatsApp Group - West End Warriors. Online social group offering company, laughs, games, quizzes and safe up to date on local services available and coronavirus news

Whatsapp Group - History Buffs. Online group for those with an interest in all things history and a quiz on a Thursday at 7pm covering various topics

Whatsapp Group- Weigh to go. Online Peer support group for people who want to make changes to their eating and activity habits, for sharing motivation, struggles, tips, recipes and of course fun.

Friends In need- Online support group for people who suffer from depression or low mood and their carers

If you want to join in with any of our groups and activities or for more information please contact Fran or Kathryn on 07592003595 or 07743687053, use the contact us tab on the Website, message us through Facebook or email

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