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New ways of staying connected!

The tablets donated by DevicesDotNow are certainly making a difference allowing people to connect with others, access services and activities and improve their digital skills.

None of our beneficiaries had ever used a touch screen before so this is all completely new to them but are all doing so well.

R has not seen his sister since before the start of lockdown and has used his tablet to make a whatsapp video call; he said "it was so nice to see her and this tablet is great. I can now keep in touch and do lots of things I couldn't before"

JB has been using his tablet to search various job sites and apply for work online!

S has accessed Learn My Way on his tablet and is working through the modules learning lots of new skills.

K has used her tablet to access our whatsapp groups, learnt to play online scrabble, take photos and have video calls with her family she has been unable to see for over 3 months due to isolation.

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